Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vendée Blogs, Wiki & More

When you love a place like The Vendée it's natural to want to read as much as possible about it and learn what others have to say. One of the best ways of doing this is to look at social media sites from blogs to Facebook and YouTube plus of course good old Wikipedia.

The Vendée has so much to offer that it's not surprising people have covered it as a subject in many different ways and from different angles. Surfers love to come to the Vendée coast whilst others come for the wonderful food and wine that the region has to offer. History lovers find lots to fascinate them in the area including medieval castles, churches and abbeys connected with Eleanor Of Aquitaine and her son Richard Lionheart as well as other periods in history (Vendée Wars & The 100 Years War).

I have written about all these things already but am happy to share with you other soureces of information that you might find of interest if you want to read up on The Vendée. These include:

A new Vendée blog - written with a genuine enthusiasm for what the region has to offer.

Wikipedia's page on The Wars Of The Vendee - well worth reading before you come to the area if you are interested in French culture and history.

Another Wiki page on the amazing and unique Puys du Fou - if you've never been there then you don't know what you're missing! Check it out here

Last but not least, if you like sailing then this Vendee Globe page on Facebook is a must read.

Enjoy :)