Thursday, October 15, 2015

Puy du Fou - A Must See Attraction In The Vendée

The Vendée has much to offer the visitor - anyone who has enjoyed a good holiday in the Vendée will know that already. Not only are there miles of sandy beaches with surfing waves rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean but there are many activities to suit the widest range in tastes and interests.

Roman Coliseum Spectacle At Puy du Fou
One of the most popular and 'must see' attractions in the Vendée is the Puy du Fou. Its appeal is for all the family and, having been there, I can vouch for it offering one of the most colourful, enjoyable and spectacular days out you could ever imagine. Full of pageant, theatre, history and drama, the events at Puy du Fou never cease to amaze its visitors which is why it's no surprise to learn that many deem it the world's best theme park. No small accolade!

The major events staged each year are based on Roman, Viking, French and Medieval history with dramatized re-enactments of key events that took place in real life. You can be a spectator in a Roman coliseum and watch gladiators fighting and chariot races and you can witness medieval knights jousting and a medieval battle taking place with a castle under siege. There is so much at Puy du Fou that it's hard to describe it all in a single post!

To read more about this amazing Vendéen theme park here is a page of information on Puy du Fou including a great photo gallery on the Roman Gladiators.