Friday, January 11, 2013

Visiting The Vendee in 2013?

Have you made your holiday plans yet for 2013? If not, then consider France ... moreover, consider visiting the Vendée.

Sandy beaches of the Vendée
  • If you like beautiful sandy beaches you'll love the Vendée.
  • If you like history you'll love the Vendée.
  • If you like good food you'll love the Vendée (fresh seafood, quality local cheeses and locally made ice creams are amongst the best in France). Read more here
  • If you like sailing or kitesurfing you'll love the Vendée.
    Check out this kitesurfing video we filmed on the Vendée coast last year
  • If you like camping you'll love the Vendée.
Just one snag for holidaymakers ... the Vendée doesn't offer much for mountain climbers. Ah, well can't please everyone I suppose :)