Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vendée Food - Vendée Ham Crêpe & Simple Salad

We had just collected my mother from La Rochelle airport and were all very hungry. So we hopped in the car and drove across the wonderful bridge to the island of Île de Ré in search of a good restaurant. The island has figured significantly in Vendée history and is well worth reading up on before you go there.

It was early afternoon, warm and sunny and we althought we don't normally eat a large lunch, when reached Saint-Martin-de-Ré we couldn't resist the crêpes on the menu at one of the wonderful harbour-side restaurants.

This Vendée ham and egg crêpe was served with a delicious side salad - what the waiter said was a simple salad ... but look at it! The customer glass of water was the perfect accompaniment. Vendée food at its simplest and best!