Thursday, March 10, 2011

Donjon and Medieval Garden in the Vendée

One of the things about the Vendée is its wonderful history. There are medieval castles, churches, priories and cathedrals at what seems like every turn. The architecture of some of these buildings is still remarkably intact and well worth a closer inspection.

We heard about a medieval castle in Bazoges-en-Pareds and when we arrived we were not disappointed. The magnificent donjon is still there, towering above the village. With the interior renovated it is open to the public during certain times of year and you can go inside. Climbing the old, medieval stone steps to the top is a thrill and the view once you get there is nothing short of breathtaking.

Down below we watched a gardener tending the herbs in the medieval garden and decided that would be our next port of call ... but that's a story for another day!

Here is a video clip of the donjon which I filmed.