Friday, February 4, 2011

Vendée Ice Cream - Crêpe Avec Glace Vanille

I have a passion for ice cream and wherever I go, I try to eat some locally made ice cream. I never cease to be amazed at how popular ice cream is, irrespective of where I go. The Vendée proved no exception - ice cream is really popular here!

I took many photographs of ice cream in the Vendée - from ice cream cones to ice cream sundaes to ice cream parlours and I plan to share these with you throughout this Vendée blog.

Today's photographs were taken at a pavement café in La Tranche-Sur-Mer. It was late afternoon and my family and I were in need of a drink. When we saw the big ice cream display cone on the pavement and then read the menu with a long list of crêpes with different combinations of fruit, sauce and ice cream .... well, we couldn't resist!

In the Vendée, you will find many cafés have ice cream on the menu. Crêpes are really popular because they offer a wonderful combination of taste and texture when served with fresh ice cream, fruit and sauce. What's more, you can vary the ice cream flavour, vary the fruit and even vary the sauce so the number of combinations is almost endless.

The most popular ice cream flavour I saw being served with crêpes was vanilla - glace vanille. Here is a photograph of a delicious

"crêpe avec sauce chocolat, glace vanille et chantilly"

which my son enjoyed at the aforementioned café in La Tranche-Sur-Mer.

I also found ice cream cakes being sold in patisseries and there were some excellent ice cream parlours in several Vendée towns and cities we visited ... but more of that another day!