Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chateau de Chinon

The Chateau de Chinon - Chinon Castle - is not in the Vendée, so why write about it?

Well, it merits a mention in my Vendée blog simply because it played a part in the Wars Of The Vendée. In 1793 , during the Wars of the Vendée, Chinon Castle was actually occupied by Vendéens for a time. The castle had pretty much been abandoned prior to this period and it, sadly, went back to that state after the Vendéens left. It was Emperor Napoleon III of France who later stepped in and began a partial restoration.

Read more about Chinon Castle and other medieval castles in France. If you've not been to Chinon then this great slideshow of Chinon Castle will give you a flavour of the place.

We were blessed with the opportunity of visiting Chinon Castle and I have the most colourful memories of that day :)