Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vendée Food - A Salad To Savour

French salads and Vendée salads in particular is a subject I could write about all day long ... varied, colourful, delicious, refreshing and never boring!

Simple green salad is a delight, as mentioned in my last Vendée blog post but there are times when only a speciality salad will do.

This Vendée ham and cheese salad was served to us one lunchtime when we were in La Tranche-sur-Mer where there are some of the finest Vendée beaches. The restaurant became a favourite of ours on that trip - called La Phare Ouest it has a great menu and incredibly pleasant and polite staff. The owner is always there and greets his customers with a warm smile, engaging in a little conversation to make you feel at home. A super place that I can heartily recommend.

Here is what was a veritable mountain of salad with plenty of Vendée ham. The cheese had a strong aroma all its own (!) but the taste made it worth tolerating :)

If you have never visited the Vendee coast, it's worth reading our Vendée sports page where we cover kitesurfing, surfing, sand yachting and birdwatching to name but of few popular Vendée sports. We will come back to sports and leisure in the Vendée at a later date.